Baby Gym Equipment for Nurseries

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  1. Kinder Gym 863
    Kinder Gym 863
    £1,800.00 £1,500.00
  2. Kinder Gym 862
    Kinder Gym 862
    £1,800.00 £1,500.00
  3. Kinder Gym 856
    Kinder Gym 856
    £994.80 £829.00
  4. Kinder Gym 858
    Kinder Gym 858
    £1,198.80 £999.00
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Getting babies and toddlers active is a vital part of their growth and physical development. Children can be encouraged to play physically with our baby gym products. Let them crawl, climb and roll around on our padded shapes and mats, which also include attractive patterns for children to look at, further encouraging their imagination when they move about.

The baby moves visual perception range is the perfect addition to any nursery, assisting in developing children’s needs to practice their new movement skills, encouraging children to lie on their tummy, roll and move. For more information on these products, contact us on 01484 868 279.