Den Accessories for Nurseries & Schools

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  1. Scene Setter - Fairytale
    Scene Setter - Fairytale
    £384.00 £320.00
  2. Scene Setter - Farm
    Scene Setter - Farm
    £384.00 £320.00
  3. Scene Setter - Dinosaur Landscape
    Scene Setter - Dinosaur Landscape
    £384.00 £320.00
  4. Tree Stump Seating Set
    Tree Stump Seating Set
    £186.00 £155.00
  5. Tree Canopy Cover for Folding Den PT277
    Tree Canopy Cover for Folding Den PT277
    £174.00 £145.00
  6. Scene Setter - Castle
    Scene Setter - Castle
    £384.00 £320.00
  7. Scene Setter - Safari
    Scene Setter - Safari
    £384.00 £320.00
  8. Scene Setter - Space Ship
    Scene Setter - Space Ship
    £384.00 £320.00
  9. Scene Setter - Pirate
    Scene Setter - Pirate
    £384.00 £320.00
Set Descending Direction

Our range of nursery dens and accessories, from mirror dens to dark dens, are perfect for encouraging children to both utilise and develop their social, sensory and personal skills. Whether for individual, group or role play, with a variety of textures and focuses children will be engaged and actively learning.

Made from high-quality materials, our products are designed to be reliable and safe for use by children. Available for many age ranges, depending on the product, these make for great additions to both preschools and nurseries. For more information on any of the products we stock, feel free to contact us at 01484 868 297.