Easels & Storage for Nurseries

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  1. Magic Light Easel
    Magic Light Easel
    £228.00 £190.00
  2. Chest Drawers
    Chest Drawers
    £549.60 £458.00
  3. Double Sided Creative Unit
    Double Sided Creative Unit
    £442.80 £369.00
  4. Large Easel
    Large Easel
    £598.80 £499.00
  5. Double Sided 2 in 1 Easel
    Double Sided 2 in 1 Easel
    £303.60 £253.00
  6. Easel and Storage Trolley
    Easel and Storage Trolley
    £507.60 £423.00
  7. RS Double Sided Easel
    RS Double Sided Easel
    £430.80 £359.00
  8. Double Sided Floor Easel
    Double Sided Floor Easel
    £144.00 £120.00
  9. Mobile Art Trolley
    Mobile Art Trolley
    £598.80 £499.00
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Children love being creative, and since it’s such an important activity in promoting social development and their imagination why not encourage them. Our children’s easels are great to use in nurseries and preschools as they are sturdy and durable, enabling them to provide entertainment for hours on end.

All our easels are both easy to use and to clean – letting a child’s imagination really flow. They are great for use either as an educational tool or as part of our room scenes. For more information on the products we hold in stock, feel free to contact us today at 01484 868 297