Outdoor Play Kitchens for Nurseries

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  1. Low Level Muddy Kitchen
    Low Level Muddy Kitchen
    £358.80 £299.00
  2. Muddy Kitchen
    Muddy Kitchen
    £478.80 £399.00
  3. Large Mud Kitchen
    Large Mud Kitchen
    £1,131.60 £943.00
  4. Under 2's Outdoor Kitchen
    Under 2's Outdoor Kitchen
    £441.60 £368.00
  5. Low Outdoor Play Table
    Low Outdoor Play Table
    £234.00 £195.00
  6. Outdoor Mud Mix Kitchen
    Outdoor Mud Mix Kitchen
    £264.00 £220.00
  7. Garden Kitchen
    Garden Kitchen
    £694.80 £579.00
  8. Mud Kitchen Collection
    Mud Kitchen Collection
    £163.20 £136.00
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Children love playing outdoors, so help their imagination as they play with our range of outdoor kitchens. We have various play equipment for use with your kitchen. We also sell various wall panels and activities to help children interact with the outdoors, spot animals and generally enjoy themselves. All of our furniture, is the perfect size for children, and their sturdy, safe construction ensures hours of play. For more information, contact us on 01484 868 297.