Gym Equipment for Nurseries & Schools

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  1. Outdoor Stepping Blocks
    Outdoor Stepping Blocks
    £72.00 £60.00
  2. Outdoor Balance See Saw
    Outdoor Balance See Saw
    £486.00 £405.00
  3. Outdoor Balance Beam 1.2m
    Outdoor Balance Beam 1.2m
    £144.00 £120.00
  4. Tummy Relaxer
    Tummy Relaxer
    £118.80 £99.00
  5. Curiosity Curve and Multi-Sensory Mat
    Curiosity Curve and Multi-Sensory Mat
    £439.20 £366.00
  6. Curiosity Curve
    Curiosity Curve
    £216.00 £180.00
  7. Triangle Mirror Block
    Triangle Mirror Block
    £90.00 £75.00
  8. Neuro Divide and Climb
    Neuro Divide and Climb
    £186.00 £155.00
  9. Neuro Slope
    Neuro Slope
    £156.00 £130.00
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Our active gym products are brightly coloured and feature patterns and mirrors to encourage play at an early age, as well as increasing imagination. All of this play equipment is safe for children to play on, so you can let children play for hours safely. We also stock various creative toys which are perfect for using on the floor, on tables or with the other soft play equipment, helping with fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills. For more information on the products available, get in touch with us today.