Puzzles for Nurseries & Schools

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  1. Rainbow Tunnel
    Rainbow Tunnel
    £16.80 £14.00
  2. Stacking Vegetables
    Stacking Vegetables
    £22.80 £19.00
  3. My First Peg Puzzle Safari
    My First Peg Puzzle Safari
    £7.20 £6.00
  4. My First Peg Puzzle Farm
    My First Peg Puzzle Farm
    £7.20 £6.00
  5. My First Peg Puzzle Construction
    My First Peg Puzzle Construction
    £7.20 £6.00
  6. Peg Puzzles Pet
    Peg Puzzles Pet
    Regular Price £8.40 £7.00 Special Price £4.80 £4.00
  7. First Rolling Shape Sorter
    First Rolling Shape Sorter
    £13.20 £11.00
  8. First Flower Stacker
    First Flower Stacker
    £15.60 £13.00
  9. Sound Puzzle Transport
    Sound Puzzle Transport
    £18.00 £15.00
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Puzzles always entertain children, and they are a fantastic way to encourage learning. Our puzzles have bright colours and are suitable for a range of ages, from simple puzzles with a few pieces through to larger products which focus on numeracy and literacy. We also stock matching puzzles so that children can learn more about the outside world through associating pictures. Help improve children’s memory and brain power with the wide range of puzzles we have in stock. If you need any help selecting the right products, simply get in touch with us on 01484 868 297.