Play Kitchen Accessories for Preschools

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  1. Cookware and Dining Set
    Cookware and Dining Set
    £40.80 £34.00
  2. Stainless Steel Kitchenware
    Stainless Steel Kitchenware
    £19.20 £16.00
  3. Serving Shapes Tea Set
    Serving Shapes Tea Set
    £24.00 £20.00
  4. Toaster Set
    Toaster Set
    £21.60 £18.00
  5. Coffee Machine Set
    Coffee Machine Set
    £25.20 £21.00
  6. Brew It
    Brew It
    £25.20 £21.00
  7. Tea Set for Two
    Tea Set for Two
    £26.40 £22.00
  8. Cook and Serve Set
    Cook and Serve Set
    £28.80 £24.00
  9. Blender
    £25.20 £21.00
Set Descending Direction

Encourage children's learning and role-playing with these play kitchen accessories, completing any toy kitchen set.

Our products feature a wide range of classic kitchen accessories, such as the washing up, tableware and baking set that will introduce a child to new responsibilities and household chores. Each product is made of only high-quality material, ranging from stainless steel to wood, making them perfect for a nursery setting as they have all been made with a child’s safety in mind. For more information on the products we have in stock, contact us today at 01484 868 297.