Transport Toys for Nurseries & Schools

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Park and Play Garage
    Park and Play Garage
    £87.60 £73.00
  2. Transporter Lorry
    Transporter Lorry
    £25.20 £21.00
  3. Pull Back Hot Rods
    Pull Back Hot Rods
    £31.80 £26.50
  4. Pull Back Planes
    Pull Back Planes
    £24.00 £20.00
  5. Runway Tape
    Runway Tape
    £20.40 £17.00
  6. Roadway Tape
    Roadway Tape
    £20.40 £17.00
  7. Railway Tape
    Railway Tape
    £20.40 £17.00
  8. Roadway Numbers Playmat
    Roadway Numbers Playmat
    £54.00 £45.00
  9. Roadway Numbers Mini Mat Set
    Roadway Numbers Mini Mat Set
    £58.80 £49.00
Set Descending Direction
As a crucial role in developing a child’s social and creative skills, our wooden transport toys encourage children to develop their imagination and creativity. To further enable their imagination, all our trains sets are compatible with one another – allowing a child to truly build their own small world. Being made with safety and durability as a main priority, these transport toys are ideal for use in children’s nurseries. They are perfect to pair with one of our playmats to enhancer the roleplay and are great for encouraging children to play cooperatively in a group. For more information on the products we hold in stock, please contact us today at 01484 868 297.