Sleep Mats for Nurseries & Schools

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  1. Floor Standing Slumberstore
    Floor Standing Slumberstore
    £883.20 £736.00
  2. Blankets - Grey Stars
    Blankets - Grey Stars
    £82.80 £69.00
  3. Nap and Sleep Mat Bag
    Nap and Sleep Mat Bag
    £27.60 £23.00
  4. Nap Mat Bag
    Nap Mat Bag
    £27.60 £23.00
  5. Sleep Mats Choc
    Sleep Mats Choc
    £214.80 £179.00
  6. Sleep Mat Sky Blue
    Sleep Mat Sky Blue
    £214.80 £179.00
  7. Nap Mats Choc
    Nap Mats Choc
    £198.00 £165.00
  8. Nap Mats Sky Blue
    Nap Mats Sky Blue
    £198.00 £165.00
  9. Nap Mats Multicoloured
    Nap Mats Multicoloured
    £198.00 £165.00
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Our range of wipe clean sleep naps and nap mats are ideal for your rest areas. Easy to store in the storage bags when not in use. Available in different colours, you can customise areas to suit with our cosy cuddly fleece blankets.

All of our products have been specially designed to be robust and reliable for safe play. As such, they are great additions to nurseries and preschools for a wide range of ages – which varies by product. For more information on any of the products we stock, feel free to contact us at 01484 868 297.