Themed Backdrops for Preschools

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  1. Autumn Walk Scene Setter
    Autumn Walk Scene Setter
    £384.00 £320.00
  2. Curiosity Wall Backdrop
    Curiosity Wall Backdrop
    £68.40 £57.00
  3. Reflection Corner Spring Babbling Brook
    Reflection Corner Spring Babbling Brook
    £274.80 £229.00
  4. Reflection Corner Autumn Babbling Brook
    Reflection Corner Autumn Babbling Brook
    £274.80 £229.00
  5. Reflection Corner Spring Tree
    Reflection Corner Spring Tree
    £274.80 £229.00
  6. Reflection Corner Autumn Tree
    Reflection Corner Autumn Tree
    £274.80 £229.00
  7. Snuggly Nest Teepee
    Snuggly Nest Teepee
    £180.00 £150.00
  8. Historical Area Greece
    Historical Area Greece
    £213.60 £178.00
  9. Historical Area Rome
    Historical Area Rome
    £344.40 £287.00
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Our themed children’s backdrops are a perfect place for children to relax, unwind and play. They can be used alone or in small groups, and encourage children’s imaginations through visual stimulus. Our backdrops are interesting and educational, made from hard wearing polyester felt making them perfect for young children.

Children will love playing in these areas alone with a selection of toys, or could be read to in a small group to create a whole new imaginary world for them to enjoy. For further information on any of our products, feel free to get in touch with us on 01484 868 297.