Wooden Storage for Preschools

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  1. Wall Mountable Top Hooks
    Wall Mountable Top Hooks
    £157.20 £131.00
  2. Double Sided Welly Storage
    Double Sided Welly Storage
    £672.00 £560.00
  3. Lockable Storage Cupboard
    Lockable Storage Cupboard
    £456.00 £380.00
  4. Chest Drawers
    Chest Drawers
    £664.80 £554.00
  5. Small Storage Bench
    Small Storage Bench
    £196.80 £164.00
  6. Cloakroom Cubby Freestanding Unit
    Cloakroom Cubby Freestanding Unit
    £507.60 £423.00
  7. Cloakroom Cubby Set
    Cloakroom Cubby Set
    £414.00 £345.00
  8. Cloakroom Hook Set
    Cloakroom Hook Set
    £387.60 £323.00
  9. Book Storage Unit
    Book Storage Unit
    £369.60 £308.00
Set Descending Direction
Since they are predominantly active learners, you often find that children are both more engaged and develop further skills when using their fine motor skills. As such, our range of wooden nursery storage units with willow baskets or plastic tubs are great for promoting organisation and role play. All of our products are made from high quality materials to ensure durability in any setting. Available suitable for many age points, which vary by product, they also make for perfect use in nurseries due to being designed specifically for safety and robustness. For more information on any of the products we stock, feel free to contact us at 01484 868 297.